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Hand spun, old fashioned, traditional.
Home brewed, new age, offbeat.

mug & spoon  ✧  local community, local flavor


A photographer with a passion for coffee-fueled days, and a designer with a passion for wild ice cream concoctions came together to form Mug & Spoon. From one end, we focus on old fashioned classic quality - a high end, local taste. From the other we dive off the deep end of crazy flavor, experimenting daily with a 'no rules' mentality. 

The opportunity arose for Mug & Spoon to partner with the Schell Brothers, an incredible local builder. We believe in their philosophy to maximize happiness, and it shows through every member of our staff. We play with eccentric new concepts, flavors, and ideas every day - but we know a straight up cup of coffee is timeless. 

We hope to wow you, to make your day, to float the smell of fresh brewed coffee & fresh made waffle cones out on to the ocean breeze, and invite you in to say hello.



(302) 858-6280


Mug & Spoon
18 Rehoboth Ave
Rehoboth Beach DE, 19971


Thurs - Mon - 7a-8/9p
Tues & Wed - CLOSED


We are fortunate enough to work with the local coffee gurus of Brandywine Coffee Roasters, located in Wilmington, Delaware. They focus on transparency in sourcing from seed to cup, and roast seasonally by harvest, to ensure the freshest product all year round. They are coffee masters, artists, connoisseurs, and simply - coffee lovers.  

"We believe that through dedication to carefully sourcing the world's best coffee and hand roasting each batch, we elevate the process to an art form." -BCR

Now selling bags of whole-bean coffee, fresh from the roaster!




Schell Brothers  ✧  Maximizing Happiness

Re-imagining every aspect of the home building experience, and providing a fun design process with ease. 

Schell Brothers is truly innovative and imaginative especially in their New Home Gallery. It is beautifully designed to create a cozy, inspired, warmly inviting space - perfect for Mug & Spoon. Our collaboration inside Schell's Gallery makes for a great mix of taste and inspiration. And don't forget to look up when you walk through the doors! 

"Our company has a very unique purpose: to maximize happiness rather than profit. Chris Schell left a lucrative career in finance to found Schell Brothers with the sole intent of creating a company that put the happiness of its employees and customers above all else. Ironically and unintentionally, Chris discovered that a genuine commitment to this purpose has made Schell Brothers surprisingly “successful” by all definitions of the word." -Schell Brothers

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Mug & Spoon is looking for charismatic, upbeat individuals who would love to join a fun, hard-working team!

Our entry-level position focuses on making coffee, ice cream, and milkshake masterpieces. Responsibilities include working the register, cheerful customer service, food prep, and stocking/cleaning. We seek hard-working creatives who are excited to contribute ideas to our always growing menu. 

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